Southeast Asian Route
Haituotong independently develops the Southeast Asian logistics route, which helps reduce costs
by designing a complete logistic process from contacting domestic customs declaration,
airlines, local customs clearance company at place of destination, to local delivering company.
In this way, it achieves door-to-door delivery service, and guarantees whole-process tracking,
reliable customs clearance, efficient and flexible delivery services

Product Name Rates Time Requirements Description
Southeast Asian Route Consult Now48 hours Haituotong Southeast Asia special line logistics its own ASEAN cross-border fleet, using the customs declaration of the customs, this line contains the tail The customs clearance and delivery of the whole service can realize the seamless connection of the system, query the status of the goods in real time, and safely and quickly help you send the parcel to the designated place
Taiwan Route Consult NowUsually takes 3-5 natural days to arrive The Pingtan-Taipei fast-track line adopts the sea-fast mode to provide land-sea fast intermodal transport for domestic to Taiwan goods, with fast time-effective, cost-effective and unrestricted cargo volume
Vietnam Route Consult Now 24 hours Rapid speed: by sorting-based distribution, goods can be sent to warehouse in destination country within 24 hours; Reliable customs clearance: formal and regulatory customs clearance documents can be provided; Each bag/piece of goods ≤30kg
Indonesia Route Consult Now It takes 5-6 natural days to arrive in Jakarta, and 5-10 natural days to other regions Rapid speed; One-batch-on-piece, single piece shall be ≤30KG
Malaysia Route Consult Now 5-7 natural days for common goods; 6-8 natural days for special goods Single batch of goods is limited <30kg, do not support export customs clearance for one-batch-multiple-pieces goods and common trade

Reliable customs clearance

Reliable customs clearance, powerful teamwork collaboration, guarantee to accomplish customs clearance and customs transit;

Rapid speed

The last kilometer delivery would be accomplished by the largest express service provider in local place of designation country, thereby reaching maximum coverage area


Rich air freight resources guarantee to reduce through rate while promising rapid service

Powerful strength

Self-owned truck fleet realizes whole process monitoring, thus to guarantee safe and fast delivery; besides, flexible operating allows us to deliver electriferous goods for customers

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